• MRI
  • fNIRS
  • HPC
  • Cognition
  • Animals
  •  Adult EEG laboratory
    The laboratory has a 128-channel EEG system and three 64-channel systems produced by NeuroScan (US), a powerful tool for cognitive neuroscience research. Compared with other brain functional imaging techniques, the system has the advantage of high temporal resolution, which can be accurate to the millisecond and can accurately examine brain activity status during the different time courses of cognitive activity. The system consists of E-prime stimulus presentation software, SYNAMPS EEG amplifier, Quick-Cap electrode cap, Curry multi-channel neural imaging software, and other components. It can measure, analyze, and localize EEG signals / evoked potentials with high resolution. It can also integrate data from fMRI, MRI, fNIRS, TMS, tDCS and PET to determine the dynamic trajectory and anatomic basis of event-related potentials. This system opens a window to the on-going state of brain function during the processes of cognitive activities.

    Children’s EEG laboratory
    The laboratory has three 128-channel EEG recording and analysis systems produced by EGI (US). The system is composed of E-prime stimulus presentation software, NetStation data collection and processing software, GSN128-lead electrode cap, NetAmps200 amplifier, and BESA source location analysis software. It can conduct highly accurate measurement, processing, and localization of EEG signals / evoked potentials. The system allows simple, rapid, and comfortable operation, which makes it highly suitable for researching the electrical activity of children’s brains.

    Eye movement laboratory
    The laboratory has four eye-tracking systems, including one EyeLinkII, one Eyelink 2000, one Eyelink 1000MR (SR Research Inc.), and one TX300 (Tobii Inc). The systems can record saccades, nystagmus, and eye movement in real time, and it is an ideal eye movement analysis and tracking tool which has been widely used in research of visual information processing. The main research topics of this laboratory include psycholinguistics, perception, visual attention, and visual search.