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  • Behavioral data collection laboratory
    Cognitive behavioral experiments are an important technique used in cognitive psychology research. With its application, fruitful research results have been achieved. The laboratory has successfully operated at Beijing Normal University for many years, and it is one of the laboratories with the most research achievements. This laboratory is equipped with the commonly used E-Prime and DMDX psychological experiment software suites. By measuring the response time and accuracy of cognitive activities, the characteristics of the information processing activities of the brain can be revealed. These two sets of psychological experiment software, with a temporal measurement accuracy of one millisecond, meet the needs of a variety of psychological experiments with respect to recording response time and accuracy.

    Neuropsychological testing room
    This laboratory is mainly used to provide comprehensive and detailed neuropsychological examinations for individuals with cognitive impairment. We have developed and purchased a large number of related tests and equipment so as to conduct detailed tests and analysis of conditions such as aphasia, apraxia, and visual neglect. At the same time, we can also prepare and develop new testing programs for special cases to reveal the internal characteristics of dysfunctions.