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  •  Animal Research Center
    The animal research center is one of the important supporting facilities of the State Key Laboratory. It provides hardware and technical support for both non-human primate and rodent experiments, including a monkey housing facility (130 m2 for more than 50 monkeys), a SPF rodent housing facility (215 m2, EVC cages, 1300 mouse cages, 200 rat cages), surgery rooms, quarantine rooms, sterilization rooms etc.

    The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment supporting various types of experiments: molecular biology, ion channel studies, neural electrophysiology, optical imaging, and animal behavioral studies etc. Major equipment includes multi-channel recording systems (15), eye tracking systems (10), two-photon imaging systems (4), confocal imaging system, brain surgery navigation system, frozen slicing machine and immunohistochemical setups.
    The platform is run by full-time staff and provides support for researchers from within the Key Lab as well as from outside. On-going research projects focus on basic neural mechanisms underlying various cognitive functions, including perception, attention, learning and memory, emotion, decision making and social behavioral etc.