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  • 讲座:Memory traces, the sparkles in mouse neocortex 

    地点:京师大厦 9420会议室
    2001 南京大学生物化学系-学士; 2006 中国科学院上海生命科学研究院神经科学研究所-博士;2006−2010 美国麻省理工学院(MIT)休斯医学研究所(HHMI)-博士后;2011−至今 清华大学生命科学学院研究员、博导
    2015 入选北京市科技新星;2015 入选中组部万人计划青年拔尖人才;2015 入选中国神经科学学会理事
    综 合分子生物学,细胞生物学,遗传学,基因工程学;数学建模,神经网络计算,双光子影像学,计算机图像学;动物行为学等方法,以小鼠为主要模式生物,研究哺 乳动物皮层内记忆的储存环路机制与分子生物学原理 1)外界信息在感觉皮层神经环路的再现与回忆; 2)表观遗传调控介导的细胞记忆在神经环路记忆的形成与维持中的贡献 3)表观遗传调控在挽救病理性学习记忆缺陷中的环路与分子机制。
    报告题目:Memory traces, the sparkles in mouse neocortex
    Summary:Neuronal activities in the brain are highly variable even under repeated sensory stimuli. The stochastic noises in cortical neurons are not chaos, but rather are raised from the variability of network inputs. By in vivo imaging on the immediate early gene expression with high-density recording and high-throughput analysis, we have found that the cortical representation of the environment goes through a time-dependent increase of variability. Interestingly, current variability of cortical population response is inherited from neuron's prior activity, resulting in a stochastic and dynamic process of cortical activities. Although noisy, the cortical variability showed linear rules on its statistic features. Such rules predict both the exponential-like decay of memory pattern in neocortex and the emergence of sparse, persistent memory traces, both of which were observed in the mouse neocortex. In addition, the hippocampus reinstates the cortical representation and significantly prolongs the half-life of a particular memory pattern in neocortex. Meanwhile, the activities of recent memory traces are also reinstated by the hippocampus. Although the cortical traces are sparse (~0.5% in layer 2/3), optogenetic activation of trace neurons generates population representation of encoded context. Our observations disclose a fundamental rule of cortical dynamics, shining lights on the neural basis and functional role of cortical memory traces.